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Sunday, November 2, 2008

60 Influential Black Political and Social Action Bloggers

African American Political Pundit 's list of 60 Influential Black Political and Social Action Bloggers. I'm providing this list for those who would like to read what black Americans have to say about the upcoming Presidential elections. Although the list is numbered it is only numbered to help me count to 60.

Note: There are a number of bloggers included in this list who don't blog only about political issues. I didn't include black church organizations or local NAACP chapters.

  1. Oliver
  2. Jack and Jill
  3. Pams House
  5. Electronic Village
  6. All About Race
  7. What About Our Daughters
  8. Dallas South Blog
  9. Booker Rising
  10. African American Political Pundit
  11. Francis L. Holland Blog
  12. Anderson At Large
  13. BlackProf
  14. Afro-Netizen
  15. Black Agenda Report
  16. Prometheus 6
  17. Black Women In Europe
  18. Eddie Griffin, BASG
  19. Dallas Progress
  21. Skeptical Brotha
  22. The SuperSpade
  23. Slant Truth
  24. Black
  25. African American Political Opinion
More of the list HERE at African American Political

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